Hey, I’m Ty.
Thanks for coming by to the site, and for reading more about me.

What can I tell you?

To start, I have many interests, and this site is where I explore some of them. Here, I mostly write and document projects and experiments. During the day, I make a living as a programmer. Sometimes, I program for fun as well.

I write on all kinds of topics. I write longer form opinion pieces under /essays. I document the things I build over at /making-of. You can read my adventures in computing under the /computer directory. Everything else falls under /general-store.

Staying connected

I’m not a big social media person. This site is about the size of it for me, when it comes to being digitally social (although, I am cautiously exploring the fediverse). You can subscribe to any of these (or tags) as well by appending /rss to the end of an index page, for example:

  • https://weakty.com/writing/computer/rss, or;
  • https://weakty.com/tag/process/rss , or;
  • If you want to tap into the firehose, use this feed, and you’ll be subscribed to everything.

If you so like, you can also subscribe to my newsletters, and I’ll show up in your inbox at the end of each month with a round up of what’s changed on the site, a few of my picks from the month, and other news. There’s no telling what I’ll get up to.

Additional Details

This site and it’s contents are all an experiment. I maintain, design, host and run it myself. I use it to challenge myself to work and be in the virtual public. It is an exercise in vulnerability, a place where I try things out and experience my own willingness to make mistakes. Most of all, it provides an opportunity to learn, and meet some lovely people. Speaking of, if you’d like to say hello, please do. I love getting email. I might not respond right away, but I will. Tell me something you’re excited about, send me a link you think I might appreciate, or just pop in to say hi.

Support me

If you wish to support my doings, you may become a paying member. At this time there are no sweet, sweet perks beyond knowing that you are supporting me.


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