• 2021-05-26 - Drawing Chairs

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Lately I have been working through Alphonso Dunn's Pen and Ink workbook in my mornings before work. It has been very useful for how to think about values and shading - especially with the mechanical pencil I carry with my sketchbook everywhere. I don't do much ink drawing yet, but the techniques in the workbook have been equally applicable while doing some sketching.

I've so far found shading to be intimidating, and most of my movements in that direction feel like childish scribbling with little through process behind it.

Now, after working through the different exercises and learning about different strokes (hatching, cross hatching, curved hatching, scribbling, stippling) and how to apply those strokes (layers, spacing, weight, direction) I've started to integrate some more intentional shading in my drawings.

This weekend past we spent some time at the cottage, where there are lots of chairs - so chairs I drew. I was particularly proud of the first one, where I was able to sit down and draw when there was some nice lighting throwing a shadow across the seat of the chair.

chair 1

chair 2

I suppose I'm a bit subconscious about these chairs, now that a day or two has passed, but I'm starting to get used to that feeling when looking back at something I've made. Still, I'm quite happy that I'm working through the Dunn book at the moment as I'm sure without it these chairs would look much worse!