• 2021-06-13 - Books must be read multiple times

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In an effort to slow down and appreciate the long journey of learning and practicing new crafts, I've set out to write down here that many of the classical, well known and recommended books of study are ones that I will have to come back to time and time again. It will now become my understanding, at the outset of any new instructional book, that it may be more than likely that I will want to circle back to it some day -- at least with some of the well known classics. Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters has taught me this - while reading I knew I was not always paying the closest of attentions, or absorbing the fullest intention of a particular message. I've just finished my first read through. I know I missed a lot.

Further, I think I also need to let go of the feeling that instructional books must be read from start to finish; not at all - this book especially proves that. While I personally enjoy reading something from start to finish, (it brings a certain sense of accomplishment, and gives me a (dangerous) tacit hope that my completionism will have a practical parallel amelioriation) why should I not flip to the section on "panes" or mass in "Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters" when the mood strikes?

I look forward to the day I come back to this book. Now that I've finished another book on drawing, I'm not expecting any great miracles in a single day - just many many small, perhaps unnoticeable "miracles" moving me forward, page by page, step by step.