• 2021-06-26 - Figure drawing mornings are back

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I am back to drawing figures in the morning. It's about 20 minutes of drawing, using some Croquis Cafe videos I found on vimeo. Now that I'm back at it (since figuary), I'm noticing improvement bit by bit. It's quite satisfying. I haven't been studying figure drawing specifically lately, but I set out to find some actual instructional ideas and advice - not on muscle groups or bones, but how to get started.

I found this video, which was excellent. It was a good reassurance in that there are a couple ways to do things - no one right way. With that said, none of the examples in the video seemed to start with the head! Instead, you could:

  • Start with big movements, and then add in landmarks.

  • Create geometric shapes or an envelope that outline the model, and then work in there.

  • Start with gestures lines.

  • Start with large volumes and get smaller.

I tried drawing today's model starting from the torso, sort of employing Proko's "bean" methodology. It worked, I think, but my drawing was quite a bit bigger than my previous ones. It did seem more satisfying, in a way. Also, it took longer, and the timed poses often ran out before I had even sketched in half the body.

All in all, I need to remind myself that it really benefits to google questions I have about technique or approaches when they come up or, at least, especially when they linger in the back of my mind. Turns out I was wondering "how do I start a figure drawing" for quite a while now.