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Lists of books read by year.


3664 Pages over 13 books, mostly novels.

Donna TartThe Secret History
Albert CamusL'etranger
Eden RobinsonSon of a Trickster
George Orwell1984
George SaundersLincoln in the Bardo
J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring
Robin DiangeloWhite Fragility
Zachary TellmanElements of Clojure
John HodgemanMedallion Status
John SteinbeckCannery Row
John SteinbeckEast of Eden
Haruki MurakamiWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running
Larry Gonick & Tim KasserHyper-Capitalism


4190 pages over 11 books, mostly novels.

Haruki MurakamiThe Wind Up Bird Chronicles
Johnathan Safran FoerEating Animals
Jenny HvalParadise Rot
Warren EllisGun Machine
Octavia ButlerDawn
Stephen KingOn Writing
Haruki MurakamiA Wild Sheep Chase
Haruki MurakamiHear The Wind Sing
Margaret AtwoodOryx And Crake
Haruki Murakami1Q84
Neil GaimanNorse Mythology


I organize my reading lists, notes, rating and thoughts on books in a single file using Org Modeº. What you are reading right now is just a headline in the very same document: books.org. The file is rather large, containing headlines "To Read", "Reading" and "Read". When I start a new book I (try to remember to) capture the metadata about it using org-capture to fill in these properties:

:author: George Orwell
:title: 1984
:pages: 328
:page: 328
:date_started: [2020-08-18 Tue 17:40]
:date_completed: [2020-09-08 Tue]
:genre: Dystopian
:type: Novel
:rating: 9
:STATUS:   complete

These properties can then be turned into a table using Emacs, or filtered through using sparse-trees to.

At the top of this file there is an in-buffer-settings for determining column view:

,#+COLUMNS: %25AUTHOR(author) %25TITLE(title) %PAGES(pages) %RATING(rating) %TYPE(type) %DATE_STARTED(date_started) %DATE_COMPLETED(date_completed)

This enables creating an org block for tabulating books over time for the READ/READING sections:

#+BEGIN: columnview :id local :skip-empty-rows t

Rather than post all my notes on each book (as some are empty, some are quite full, and some are personal) I've decided to summarize my reading lists into tables as above.