Currently, I use a Lumix LX-100, although mostly for video purposes. When I shoot film, I do so on a Yashica Electro 35 CC, which I still cannot quite get to focus right.

The Camera Timeline

There is great joy and great danger in the unending slew of lenses, cameras, film-types and more. It goes on and on, you see. It's nice to get lost in that world, looking down at the thing in your hands, while an infinite multitude of photo-opportunities whiz on past.

  • Lumix GF2/3 - (Digital, Mid 2010s)

    I sold the Eos M on kijiji, at some point or other, for more than I paid for it, somehow. I got a cheap GF2, to try out the lumix world.

  • Canon EOS M - (Digital, Early 2010s)

    I sold the T2i to try something smaller. I liked the size of the camera, but the touch screen/interface never clicked for me.

  • Canon T2i - (Digital, Early 2010s)

    My first serious DSLR. I mostly used it for making videos with friends, early in University. It was ideal because of the magic lantern firmware hacks, and because it had a microphone port.

  • Konika Minolta (Film, unknown)

    A newer model Minolta, which had an electronic auto focus system. I believe it belonged to my Grandfather.

  • Konika Minolta SRT-200 (Film, 1970s)

    Passed down by my father, A gift from when he graduated, circa 1975.

  • Canon Powershot A520 (Film, 2000s)

    My first camera, a birthday present, when I turned fourteen or fifteen. It shot VGA video (640, or 320px), I believe, as well as offering P, A, S, M modes, among other features.