Periodic updates on life, projects, changes on the wiki.


[2022-01-12 Wed]

We are staying with family until we return to Toronto to house sit for a couple months.

I'm focused on painting everyday on my ipad, while also working on my quarterly project: Visitorº. I'm not sure how far I'll get, but glad I'm programming something more creative.

I also shipped a new version of Firnº, re-written in rust.



Montreal has been good to us. But we have to leave soon. 2 Months wasn't really much. It flew by. Some uncertainty as to where next. Probably toronto. When not working we explored the city. It has been a rainy stay, too. When inside I was working on inktober, learning to draw portraits, re-writing firn in rust, and building Trunk.


Sitting in our temporary apt in Mile End, Montreal. Just walked out to see the Jean Talon market. Back now and the rain is coming down on the roof and I am learning about rust, to possibly re-write firn with.


  • Hit the road to Vancouver to visit friends. Stayed in Kitsalano.


Added a sort of art_log portal where I'll be keeping up notes on things I learn as I learn to draw and paint.


  • Long update coming. Started biking outside a lot more, back to riding around Toronto and Lake Ontario.

  • Spending most mornings drawing, recently finished reading Drawing lessons from the great mastersº.

  • Have started plein air painting.

  • I have been putting off printing cards for What weapon is this?º out of lack of trying to find a nearby printing house, but moreso due to publication-shyness.


Started work on What weapon is this?º, a satirical card game.


Finished Figuary.


Started "Figuary" a month long challenge to do figure drawing everyday, for about 15 minutes.


Started working on a game prototype tentatively called "Beachfront Property" or "The Last Billionaire."


I wrapped up work on A-Zº and published it to I wrote a final devlog and started moving onto another project.



Today I'm releasing a collection of songs under Belle, Dearº called Dessus/Dessous. It is the first full album I have made under this name in 8 years, and 4 years since I have put any music into the world.


I've been building a game. Started at the end of November. I've just put up a quick devlog on it's page: A-Zº. I'm having fun programming outside of the web for the first time since playing with Clojure/Quill at the beginning of the year.