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Periodic updates on the changes on the wiki.



Finished Figuary.


Started "Figuary" a month long challenge to do figure drawing everyday, for about 15 minutes.


Started working on a game prototype tentatively called "Beachfront Property" or "The Last Billionaire."


I wrapped up work on A-Zº and published it to itch.io. I wrote a final devlog and started moving onto another project.



Today I'm releasing a collection of songs under Belle, Dearº called Dessus/Dessous. It is the first full album I have made under this name in 8 years, and 4 years since I have put any music into the world.


I've been building a game. Started at the end of November. I've just put up a quick devlog on it's page: A-Zº. I'm having fun programming outside of the web for the first time since playing with Clojure/Quill at the beginning of the year.