I started using Elixir sometime in 2018 for a project that I never launched. I revisited Elixir to build Galleyº in 2022.

For me, Elixir is similar to Clojure, but it's a bit more "batteries included" with regard to the existing libraries and tools. I'm mostly referring to Phoenix, which I find very productive. The language itself is also delightful to use. Some of my favourite features are:

  • A flexible module system that is not file-based

  • Liveview!

  • Pattern matching

  • All around, a concise and expressive syntax.

  • Genserver intrigues me (but I have yet to use it.)

When I started getting into Elixir (and Phoenix), I did a lot of googling. Check the resources sidebar for links I'm storing that have been useful in the past.