Firn is a static site generator for org-modeº. It is tailored for wikis, knowledge-bases, simple static sites &tc. Firn is built with Rustº. If you are viewing this document in your browser, then you are viewing the output of a Firn site.

I built Firn as a personal tool to catalogue Projects and Research as well as other experiments, quotes, ideas &tc. To read more, visit Metaº.

Firn is found under the snow that accumulates at the head of a glacier. It is formed under the pressure of overlying snow by the processes of compaction, recrystallization, localized melting, and the crushing of individual snowflakes.


  • Available for Mac + Linux

  • Development server with file reload

  • Templating/Layout system built on Tera

  • Org/File Tag support

  • Backlinking

I cannot stem a tributary, I cannot carry all that water.

  • Arth, on finally exiting the endless forest.