Oh, hi there! It's time for another post to update on my year of quarterly projects. I wrapped up the previous quarter and managed to successfully finish six paintings, as I planned. I hit the goal hard at the beginning of the quarter, completing 3 paintings in the span of one month. I mostly worked on a set of arches 7 x 10 paper, although I did also experiment using clayboard. I'm happy with the results and I'll post some photos in this post when I get a chance. I started to run out of steam after the first month as I quickly became interested in comics. Before I knew it I had dozens of comics out from the library and was reading how to make comics by Scott McCloud. So my focus was split.

I actually haven't chosen what my final project will be for the remaining quarter of 2022. There are two obvious candidates, however. The first is the memex application that I started a few months ago in Phoenix. The other is to explore creating a comic, which I have started a few pages of. Considering I spend the entirety of my workday in front of a computer I think the latter is the wisest choice, further it is more of a unique territory for me. But as usual, I have a continued fascination with personal information management and so I am often tempted to focus entirely on the memex.

I don't have too many reflections on the previous quarter's project. My intention was to really focus and spread my time out for each painting. This turned out to be quite hard because the size of the paintings really enabled me to finish them quickly (at least, to my level of satisfaction). If I was working on a larger canvas I imagine I could've taken more time. I think I mostly wanted to practice patience with painting. But still, I worked fairly quickly. I will say though, with painting it seems that often the start of a new painting can feel pretty rough but it's almost always a surprise to find things turn out better than they started. That sounds very obvious as I write it down but I also think it's an important observation to capture.

That's all for now, I think. Thanks for reading.