It's been a busy few weeks and I haven't had a chance to check in. We returned from Vancouver about 10 days ago, and had to jump back into the work and normal life stuff without missing a beat. After that, we moved to our new apartment in Toronto. We're settling down which means this is the end of our put-everything-in-storage-and-go-where-we-want lifestyle. For the most part this is good, but I will miss being able to travel without burning rent.

The new apartment hasn't had internet until today - which has been nice. Evenings have been screen free and filled with hobbies or hanging out in the park. During the day I would go to the library and cafes to find internet or work off my phone's data if I had to.

I've been painting a lot more now that all my supplies are in one place. I haven't had a lot of time to work on Galley, but I've mostly been working away at adding niceties to the recipes so that they can be tagged in the database. I'm having fun with Elixir. Once I figure out how to get some live view stuff working with my manytomany tags table I'll move on to the nuts and bolts of user auth stuff and then consider deploying.

Small update for now! It's hot in Toronto - practically summer weather - which means it's time to try out the tennis courts, go for bike rides and pretend I still don't have internet :^).