I finally finished Assimil! The whole system is comprised of two phrases (or "waves"). The first wave - translating from French to English is much easier (it feels like ages ago that I completed phase 1). Once you read the 50th lesson you are supposed to go back to the beginning and restart the book, now translating from English to French (much harder). The first time I started the "deuxieme vague" I probably made it 30 or 40 lessons before I got distracted (read: gave up). Today, I'm quite pleased to say that I finally finished all 113 lessons. I have been doing a lesson almost every morning… so I supposed it has taken me at least half a year to complete this.

I'm excited to move onto some more resources and to try other things. I made it a rule to only work on one primary resource at a time - in this case Assimil (although, I still do anki flash cards everyday - which takes about 10 minutes).

What's next? I don't know - I think I might try and just read some french comics (I still have lots of Tintin on my computer, but hopefully I can find something a bit more modern). I think I need to work on my oral comprehension quite a bit too, so I will also aim to start listening to some radio-canada in the mornings while I start up my day.

Je suppose que je devrait écrit quelques pensées en français. Pour le pluspart, je crois que Assimil est un bon resource - mais la dernier quelque pages devenir très difficle a prés de la fin. Pour moi, parce-que je ne trouve pas beaucoup des occaisions pour parler avec les gens, ayant un utile pour ameliorer ma pronounciation est imporante.

En tout cas, cette poste me semble qu'il est un peu … je ne sais pas le mot (et je ne veut pas utiliser google traducteur!)… je suppose que je peut dire: "je me vant", ha, mais j'ai aussi beaucoup de fierte - et quand on personne decide d'apprendre un nouveau langue -- on dois prender tous les bonnes parole on peut trouver!