Oh hello there,

Yesterday I biked around town to find a frame for a painting. My quarterly project is a themed set of paintings. The goal of the series is to capture a few favourite landscape photographs as paintings. I've done three so far; two are 7x10 while one is a 5x7 on clayboard.

I don't have too much to write about with regard to how the project is going, but I will dive into framing my first painting. Overall, it's a satisfying feeling.

A special someone recently requested a painting when I inquired if they wanted anything for their birthday. I was altogether happy to share this one that I finished up about last week.

I like how it turned out. I started by going to the thriftstore to look for a frame that might be able to hold the painting, and found something cheap and decent. Unfortunately, I forgot that it did not have a matte, and so when I started putting things together it looks shabby and out of place.

After 10 minutes of fiddling with the thrift-store frame I looked up a local framestore and biked over to check it out. They had pre-made frames that weren't much more expensive than the thrift-frame I got (and had a matte, too).

Normally, I'm not keen on frames that are inset with several layers of frame (I'm not quite sure how to describe it), but this one actually charms me pretty well.

I managed placing the painting in the frame, but got my partner (who worked in a frame store for a few years) to help with a few finishing touches (stapling shut the back and adding a hanging wire).

All in all it's more motivating then demotivating, so I'll take it.