Continuing in the vein of things I’ve things I’ve been sleeping on — Shortcuts. Not keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts application for the Apple ecosystem.

I didn’t have an iDevice when Shortcuts was released (ios 12, 2018~). I made note of the new tool, then proceeded to never look at it until yesterday. Having watched Apple’s ecosystem become less and less oriented toward the power-user, I assumed it wouldn’t be that powerful. And, of course it’s not Automator levels of powerful, but it is scratching some of the annoying itches I’ve had, now being an iPerson.

I’m mostly intrigued by making it easier to take notes. I have two new shortcuts that do this now. One takes either a voice input or a text input and sends it to my "Ideas" document in Noteplan, and the other does the same thing but sends it to my "Book Club" note. This way, while reading, I can make note of interesting passages, or just read quotes right into the shortcut and have it file things away for me, timestamped to when I launched the shortcut. Similarly, if I have an idea, I can quickly dictate it into my phone and find it timestamped and prepended to the Ideas document.

At this time, my book club notes are a wretched mess, mixed between highlighted sections on an e-reader and myself typing in shallow and somewhat useless notes. This will help.