I have never written more for this "blog" then now - when the content is offline.

Backstory: about a month ago I switched from using org-mode to obsidian for my notes/personal wiki. I wanted to re-create the basic structure that I had before, when Firn was generating my site. So, I have posts, zettel-ish notes, book logging, etc - all of which is now being captured, logged and documented in obsidian. As a result, I do not have a static site generator to publish it (yet).

This has been great.

The result, is that I'm writing more. In fact I will say that I'm writing the most I've written, because I'm not publishing (of course, I intend to in the future). I've realized how much I hedge my bets or second-guess myself when I know that I'm a simple "git push" away from deploying a new post for the "public" to read.``

I would say that this little offline situation has helped me build up the muscle of writing. I am still writing very much from a public persona, of course. But, I spend much less time waffling over questions such as "is this really worth a post?" When you get down to it, it's surprising to see how much energy that takes out of me. Simply, I just needed to build confidence, enough so that I can really evaluate whether I actually enjoyed the act of writing "publicly".

If you've experienced similar feelings as above, well, I'm not sure with equivalent of this is for people who actually have an online blog. I guess you could write everything as a draft and just leave it for a while?

Nonetheless, I've learned about myself that there isn't often much to be done but to do it, whatever it is. I'm optimistic that when I transition into publicly publishing, I'll carry on with the same cadence, and a new confidence.