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I was surprised to learn over the past few years that I'm quite interested in languages. This has mostly manifested in an interest in different programming languages, but also in learning a new language. Largely, I am also surprised at how little I remember and know about the structures of syntax and grammar for my first language; it is only in learning a new language that I've realized that I could not describe what a "participle" is, for example.

On learning a new language

Last updated 2020/11/5:

Learning a language seems infinitely hard at the beginning. And then it feels something like infinity - 1 less hard as time goes on. Still, it's one of the most rewarding things I have picked up in the last year.

I often stopped myself from starting, knowing that it would be a long journey to match my expectations, which in itself, was discouraging. But, I have found a lot of joy in day to day practice. End goals are important, but being surprised by my own progress has been a strong motivator.

There are many benefits to learning a language:

  • The sheer difficulty of learning a new language pushes you to reflect on others who have had to learn a new language to integrate in a new place.

  • It challenges one to reflect on language as a whole - how it changes, how understanding/misunderstanding can happen.

  • It provides insights into new cultures and new art.

  • It forces you to suck at something, which in turn, humbles you.