BORT, if you are not familiar, is the name of our Sunday night dinner club. Of course, BORT is short for The Bites Of the Round Table.

For the past six months, BORT has consisted of three dedicated members. Today, we open the doors for 6 new visiting members, a feat we have not yet taken on.

To prepare for this momentous event, we have prepared the following:

  • Member cards, complete with the five tiers of membership
  • A long table made from a kitchen table, a standing desk, a bench, and several chairs
  • Several dishes of food (not discussed here)

In this post I’ll share how we made our member cards.

A friendly ranking system

First off, my partner, Sal, decided that we should have a tiered ranking system based on how many dinners you have attended. The ranking system is thus:

  1. Sip
  2. Gulp
  3. Nibble
  4. Taste
  5. Bite

If you have attended just one BORT dinner, you are officially a sip. And so on.

For the cards, Sal scrounged through some fancy magazines we got for cheap from a magazine store in Toronto. They cut up the images and pasted them onto the backs of cards stock and cut them to wallet size.

Meanwhile, I was working on a stamp that could fit on this form. I worked some late nights between a pink lino and a battleship lino stamp. To be honest, neither came out the way I quite wanted, but it was late and I was just grateful I did not cut myself while my eyes drooped. Working on a small Lino stamp takes quite a bit of precision if you want any level of detail. Bigger and simpler is better, and in all senses of that, I struggle (whether doing Lino, painting, or drawing).

After getting some input I stamped the back of the 12 cards and we were on our way.

The Eager Beaver Painting

Now, all visiting members of this special instance of BORT will be receiving one of these cards, checked off for sip. But not every person will walk away with a special artifact: the Eager Beaver Painting.

The specific guests of this instance of BORT were combative in their emails—several of them claiming that they were the first to RSVP. I declared that there would be a special prize awarded to the person who had responded first.

As we can not all have the eager beaver painting for ourselves, a photo will have to suffice:

Approx size: 2.5 x 1.5 inches