MDFormatter is a Markdown formatter built with Nimº. It was created for tidying up large markdown documentation repositories. It mostly started out as a means to try out Nim and is about 80% finished.


  • Formats tables

  • Customizable line breaks

  • Can process markdown with front matter


mdformat - markdown formatter

Usage: mdformat [file | directory]

Options:                   Default:    Intent:
  -w --write               false       Write formatting changes to files.
  -t --no-tables           false       Do not process tables.
  -n --line-break          n=80        Break lines at `n` char line length.
  -d --no-line-break       false       Disable line breaking entirely.
  -r --no-recursion        false       Do not format directories recursively.
  -h --help                            Show this screen.
  -v --version                         Show version.

  $ mdformat docs/posts --write -n=120
  $ mdformat --no-tables --write

2d-Arrays make me nauseous.