Hi! Thanks for coming by. This wiki is a collection of notes on projects, research, time tracking and logs. The wiki loosely follows the P.A.R.A method for organizing information. The files here mirror my curiousity; they span many different topics, often technical but not always.

You can navigate either from the Indexº where a curated selection of projects, notes, and tags are displayed. When visiting any file other than the index, you will see a sidebar that houses one or more of the following drawers:

  • Site map: access to most files across the wiki.

  • Related?: links that share tags with the file you are viewing.

  • Backlinks: files that link to the file you are viewing.

  • Resources: links, text, and metadata to accompany the current file.

Many files will link to other files as denoted by the º symbol.


For the most part, files in this wiki often fall under one of three pillars: Projects, Research or (B)Logs. Projects are topics with associated deadlines, tasks, and discernible artifacts. A project may be a software library, a game, an album of music, a podcast, &tc.

Research are topics of analysis and practice, generally lacking task lists, artifacts, or singular end goals. Research often informs the start of creation of a project.

Logsºº are time-oriented posts, usually about something I'm learning or working on.

Other details

  • The fonts used are "IBM Plex Sans Condensed" and "IBM Plex Mono".

  • Weakty is a nickname from a friend.

  • Say hi! I like getting mail and meeting new folks.

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The reference desk is covered in papers. An old computer terminal sits atop the clutter. Books are piled about. Some are new, some old. The archivist might be in the workshop, or in the stacks.

The books all have several bookmarks, made of flimsy yellow paper. They all say the same word, scrawled identically in the middle.

In the corner of your eye, the computer terminal changes.

From a room somewhere, several floors, corridors, and doorways apart, you hear a muffled voice cry out happily.