Hi, I'm weakty.

This place is my desk, bookshelf, archives, notepad, & workshop.


Most documents have a side drawer with some or all of the following:

  • Site map: access to most files across this site.

  • Related?: links that share tags with the file you are viewing and may be related.

  • Backlinks: files that link to the page you are viewing.

  • Resources: links, text, and metadata to accompany the current page.

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The reference desk is covered in papers. An old computer terminal sits atop the clutter. Books are piled about. Some are new, some old. The archivist might be in the workshop, or in the stacks.

The books all have several bookmarks, made of flimsy yellow paper. They all say the same word, scrawled identically in the middle.

In the corner of your eye, the computer terminal changes.

From a room somewhere, several floors, corridors, and doorways apart, you hear a muffled voice cry out happily.