I was bound by the trilling notes, the rolling tapping, the droning subsonic hum. Before I knew it, I had left my body and started to wander the canals of sound thinking, only for a brief moment, that I may not be back for quite some time.


Favourite Pieces/Artists/Albums, by year found.

ArtistPiece/Album/MixYearStyleYear Found
Lindsheaven Virtual PlazaDaily Night Euphoria2013Vaporwave2021
SnowpoetWait for me2020Vocal Jazz Intelli-Pop2021
Steve ReichMusic for 18 Musicians1978Neo Classical ?2021
Mount ShrineMix2020Ambient2019
Todd TerjeInspector Norse2014Electronic2014
Rich AuCoinWe're All Dying To Live2011?2012
Born Gold/Gobble GobbleBodysongs - Born Gold2011?2012
The Tumbled SeaMelody Summer2009Ambient2010