2023-03-28 14:19

Periodic updates on life, projects, changes on the wiki.



Spring is around the corner. I can feel it. Work has gotten busier and I've dropped off from making youtube videos, which makes me sad. I am going to get the ball rolling soon, with a new series building a game in the TIC-80.

I've been reading Maison Ikkoku , which is a fun slice of life manga.


Too long since an update! Here's a quick overview!

  • I rewrote my site again! This time it's a SSG for obsidian. The tool that does this is called Esker.
  • I've been documenting the building of my projects on youtube! It's been fun!
  • I bought a Brompton folding bike! I love it, and can't wait to do some cycling in new places with it.
  • These days, everyday I practice drawing figure studies. I'm 75~ days in and the progress is starting to show.



I'm on vacation, although it is nearing its end sadly. I'm enjoying my new job but it has been very nice to have a week to decompress. I spent most of my time swimming, paddleboarding, reading, writing a script for a comic and puttering on Galley.

I've been possessed by the idea of a Memexº. I've really been enjoying using Phoenix and Elixir and I'm tempted to try and build a system for it. If only I had a few more days off to get going on it.


Oh hi, it's been a minute. This week I started a new job. I can tell I'm already surrounded by passionate and kind people. I am back to being a scheduled creature. I have started some things on the regular - brewing kombucha, swimming, weightlifting and trying to reconnect with friends now that things have opened up.

I recently read interviews with Seth: Conversations and it was very thoughtful.


Just got back from camping in Kilarney provincial park. It was a smooth and fun trip with only one day of rain, thankfully. The bugs were pretty bad on the 3rd day, and stayed that way to the end. We saw a bear on our canoe ride back!


Went to the art store to pick up a cyanotype dyeing kit. I complemented an employee on their Ghibli Soot-Sprite Pin, and we ended up talking about studio ghilbli paints / paint colours and the Ghibli museum for 10 minutes. I love moments like these.


Back in Toronto now, just like that. Running on low sleep. Won't be flying Flair airlines again, nor overnight flights. Sadly, the trees have barely begun to bud/bloom, while Vancouver was green everywhere!


A good vancouver week:

  • Visiting Golden Ears provincial park
  • Seeing friends
  • Seeing propoises
  • Seeing ocean + mountains.
  • I buy new (used) clothes for the first time in a long time.


Landed in Vancouver today. Here for about three weeks before we settle into our new apartment. Currently staying at a friends while they travel, which is a bonus. Going to spend the next little while adjusting to a new place, seeing friends in the city, seeing ocean and mountains, and trying not to get rained on too much.


We found a place to live in Toronto, starting in May. We're putting some roots back down, which is for the best. I've been working on Visitor for a while, as well as doing lots of painting. April will be spent with family and perhaps partially in vancouver

The wiki got some new updates, including unbreaking linkingº and pages listing their tags so you can navigate between topics more easily.


Spent two weeks in quarantine after catching Covid. Mostly better, but still experiencing shortness of breath / feeling winded, which is a bummer and makes an active life style a bit harder. Hopefully it passes soon.

I'm having fun building Visitor. I won't finish it before the end of the month, but am happy with the results so far.

Have had some people reach out through this site to say hi which warms my heart.

The rest of the time goes toward relationships, painting, drawing, reading.


After two years of trying to avoid it, we caught COVID-19. What a strange world. It mostly feels like a cold with some tightness in the chest. Very grateful I got my third vaccine just a month ago. Just planning on taking it slow for a few days.

Spent this morning adding header images to pages across the wiki and painting in the sketchbook.


Currently sitting by a gas fire and a cat. Does it get better? Just moved into our new temporary spot. We're house/pet sitting for a travelling couple. They have an espresso machine and it is amazing.

I have completed 1 month of painting every morning. I will write about that soon. It has rain/hailed most of the day.


We are staying with family until we return to Toronto to house sit for a couple months.

I'm focused on painting everyday on my ipad, while also working on my quarterly project: Visitorº. I'm not sure how far I'll get, but glad I'm programming something more creative.

I also shipped a new version of Firn, re-written in rust.



Montreal has been good to us. But we have to leave soon. 2 Months wasn't really much. It flew by. Some uncertainty as to where next. Probably toronto. When not working we explored the city. It has been a rainy stay, too. When inside I was working on inktober, learning to draw portraits, re-writing firn in rust, and building Trunk.


Sitting in our temporary apt in Mile End, Montreal. Just walked out to see the Jean Talon market. Back now and the rain is coming down on the roof and I am learning about rust, to possibly re-write firn with.


  • Hit the road to Vancouver to visit friends. Stayed in Kitsalano.


  • Long update coming. Started biking outside a lot more, back to riding around Toronto and Lake Ontario.
  • Spending most mornings drawing, recently finished reading Drawing lessons from the great mastersº.
  • Have started plein air painting.
  • I have been putting off printing cards for What weapon is this?º out of lack of trying to find a nearby printing house, but moreso due to publication-shyness.


Started work on What weapon is this?º, a satirical card game.


Finished Figuary.


Started Figuary; a month long challenge to do figure drawing everyday, for about 15 minutes.


I wrapped up work on A-Zº and published it to I wrote a final devlog and started moving onto another project.



Today I'm releasing a collection of songs under Belle, Deare called Dessus/Dessous. It is the first full album I have made under this name in 8 years, and 4 years since I have put any music into the world.


I've been building a game. Started at the end of November. I've just put up a quick devlog on it's page: A-Zº. I'm having fun programming outside of the web for the first time since playing with Clojure/Quill at the beginning of the year.