Construction (Priest)

2020-02-10 17:00
project generative

What was it?

I encountered The Construction Series at the AGO at the beginning of January 2020. Most people were heading in to see the early rubens exhibit, but leading up to the exhibit was a long, narrow hallway featuring Margaret Priest's work from The Construction Series. I found myself alone in the hallway, struck by the pieces!

Shortly after my encounter, I spent a month recreating some of the pieces with quil and clojure.


My recreation


Margaret Priest’s The Construction Series: The Monument to Construction Workers is a suite of twenty-seven etchings that illuminates the textures, shapes and patterns of urban building methods and materials. The suite honours the courage and perseverance of tradespeople, whose work, although essential in city building, usually goes unnoticed. Eight of the prints are on view in the MacLaren’s Joan Lehman Gallery; the remaining nineteen are featured online, here.


construction-sticker | 400