The Now

Nov 17 / 2023

  • Looking forward to a cozy winter.

The Past

Oct 24 / 2023

  • Been cranking pretty hard on this new site. I'm using Ghost now, which is nice; going to appreciate being able to post more, from anywhere, etc.
  • Been riding my bike with friends a lot, enjoying the last few warm days before the autumn cold brings us into winter
  • Been working on:
    • Painting some photos from the trip to japan
    • Inktober, writing a new story.
    • Not using my phone when I wake up.

Oct 18 / 2023

  • Got back from Japan a few days ago and I'm jetlagged as all hell. Writing this at 4:30 in the morning.
  • About half way through inktober and having a grand old time. Bought way too much stationary in Japan, so at least I'm using it.
  • Been exciting about several different projects; been delighted to find myself writing all kinds of different things in the past month. Looking forward to a winter of projects: painting, writing, and making comics.