In October 2020 we rented a van and toured around central Ontario. The "second wave" of COVID was on the rise as we left.

Admittedly, on more than one occasion we had both been sucked into the glorification of van dwelling on the internet. Sometimes the internet feels mostly like a highlight reel.

The Timeline

  • [2020-10-05 Mon] - Pick up the Van at Canadream and go to Awenda

  • [2020-10-06 Tue] - Head to Kilbear for two days

  • [2020-10-08 Thu] - Check out Sudbury and head to Chutes Park

  • [2020-10-10 Sat] - Go to Manitoulin and camp at Batman's camping.

  • [2020-10-11 Sun] - Take the Chi-Cheemaun to Tobermory and camp for one more night.

  • [2020-10-12 Mon] - Head to Guelph to clean the Van and prepare it to be returned.

Things forgotten / learned

  • Something to make an awning with (the rental disabled theirs) so we could dry stuff outside. I would consider getting a lightweight tarp if it packed down and was inexpensive.

  • Don't buy wet wood.

  • Don't leave stuff at your campsite when you go on a hike (esp. if you left in your vehicle) - it will get pilfered. So long, hammock straps.

  • Travel days are tiring. Go slow.