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In January 2021 I started trying out painting in an extra sketchbook I had. I found it more fun than I anticipated. I disliked painting in middle school; being graded on it was stressful. I recall a distaste for having to mix paints and failing to recreate the right colours.

I am currently learning with gouache and watercolour.

Painting Projects


A few channels / videos I've been enjoying.

James Gurney's channel is a delight! A lot of his videos demonstrate how he does plein air painting with gouache and water color, which is fascinating to watch and listen to. Kind, talented, funny and entertaining.


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Frederic ChurgGalleryamerican, oil, landscape
Christopher PrattA boat in wintercanadian, printmaking
Ted NaismithAt Tarn Aeluinconcept, gouache, lotr
Alan LeeGalleryconcept, wc, gouache, lotr
Tom ThomsonGalleryoil, landscape, Plein Air