1. I can't quite describe it, so here, let me write about it.
  2. Look, yonder - into the camera.
  3. 2022 in Review

  4. Programmerisms

    The Jargon Garage
  5. Running project builds in a few keystrokes.
  6. Making emacs plans...
  7. In which a technical book is bought.
  8. Things that have occurred to me since I started writing more frequently.
  9. Tableau for an offending line of code.
  10. Some reflections on being creative as an adult.
  11. ...and I'm startiiiiiiing—now!
  12. Do it for thine-self.
  13. Some thoughts on approaching learning from technical books, even when you're already somewhat familiar with the material.
  14. Darest I make yet another static site generator?
  15. I mean it in the nicest way possible.
  16. Scattered throughts on more encouraging in workplaces.
  17. Joe explains concurrency and paraellism to a five year old.
  18. A good time pairing is had.
  19. On reading Joe Armstrong's blog and the grammatic confusion of JavaScript callbacks.
  20. I hang out for a bit with editor Helix.
  21. A bit of digital nostalgia.
  22. Why am I even writing about social media?
  23. Rethinking PIM

    Musings on how I approach personal information management.
  24. Notes on the last quarterly project of 2022.
  25. A seasonal update.
  26. Spoiler: it's a timer.
  27. Who's that masked imposter?!
  28. Baby steps...
  29. My journey to understand Ecto continues.
  30. A quick summary of how my first week writing elixir for work went.
  31. A new project appears.
  32. A public pat on the back? Sure, why not!
  33. Is this even a parser? I dunno.
  34. A few notes on a project that actually got done.
  35. In which someone else's packaged code saves the day (again).
  36. Kilarney 2022

    A summary of our camping trip at kilarney!
  37. A few notes on how I switched a Phoenix project from Postgres to Sqlite
  38. How to be a cheap artist (despite being able to afford canvases)
  39. Read about me learning more about Ecto.
  40. Back Online

    A quick check in after some travelling.
  41. A few musings on putting yourself out there.
  42. I write-out-loud to try and learn the what/how/why of using streams in elixir.
  43. Challenges encountered when building dynamic forms in Phoenix LiveView.
  44. A few miscellaneous notes on what I've learned about Elixir in the past few weeks.
  45. Notes on a new project - a cooking website in Phoenix & LiveView.
  46. A few notes on trying out Casein for the first time.
  47. I, Copycat

    Reflection on stealing ideas from people I admire.
  48. The answer is no.
  49. Reflections on practicing painting every day for 3 months.
  50. Creating stained glass for the first time!
  51. The 6th devlog for the Visitor project
  52. The 5th devlog for the Visitor project.
  53. The 4th devlog for the Visitor project.
  54. The 5th devlog for the Visitor project.
  55. Poking around fish package management.
  56. Visitor 1

    I ambitiously try and start a game
  57. 2021's Picks

    Some gems from the year.
  58. Another ones rounds out.
  59. ((((( c o o l s t u f f )))))
  60. I haven't written it, but I'm intrigued.
  61. Bad programming decisions.
  62. Inktober 2021

    I made it!
  63. Time for a new city.
  64. See ya, async!

    Why call, if no one callsback?
  65. About Trunk

  66. Algonquin