A rough timeline of projects.


In 2022 I experimented with trying to complete one project every 3 months.


2021 was a much more research focused year. I spent a lot of time drawing and painting while projects took a backseat. Trunk was my most ambitious project, and I had a lot of fun working on it. I also re-wrote Firn in rust, which took a good chunk of time.


The year of many small projects (or perhaps, distractions, from a pandemic). I spent most of my time building Firn, which was the first personal project I worked on since experiencing some burn out on programming.


2019 will be remembered as the year of travel before the pandemic. While jumping around I managed to tinker with Elm, Flutter and write a novel for NanoWrimo.


Looking back, the memories of this year are growing fuzzy. I wrote my first full novel since 2012 and started another one that remains unfinished.


First year I moved to Toronto, getting my first programming job. Still, I managed to build some things.

  • Laundromatº - A generative midi machine, inspired by the OP-1.

  • Moonview - Ambient text notepad (code)


  • Goodnight Moonlight - Improvised storytelling & ambient music podcast.