2022-04-01 11:00


Galley is a web-application-cook-book. It is the next evolution of Ari's Garden . You can log in, search and filter recipes by type / time / favourites as well as create your own recipes.


I was looking for a way to learn and improve my Elixir / Phoenix knowledge, and a re-write of Ari's Garden was my best bet. I also wanted to put the site behind authentication so that people could upload (pirate?) their own recipes and have accounts for favourite recipes.

I also want a recipe site that has very little additional text - no stories, seo filler text, etc.


Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. I've sent out a handful of invites to people who can use the site, uploading their own recipes or picking new things to try and cook. At the moment, there are around 60 recipes. I would like it to have 300-500 recipes; but we only add recipes we love - and that means writing them up by hand and uploading them.


Galley is complete to my liking, but there are additional features that I'd like to see someday:

  • Meal planning
    • Make it possible to auto-pick recipes and assign them to a day of the week
    • Auto generate grocery lists
  • Add a recipe picker to help with using up ingredients that need to get eaten - such that I can type in ingredients that I have on hand and be given back a recipe that has those ingredients.