• See ya, async!
  • I'm back with another report on investigating core.async in Trunk. My thread on clojureverse has evolved quite a bit, with interested contributions, including some from the prolific and prodigious Borkdude (who has helped me on more than one occasion).
  • Core Async Returns
  • After fiddling about with `core.async`` in Trunk I decided it was time to reach out for some input. It was a good thing I did; I had reached a point where I was mostly poking at the functions I thought I understood in core.async, and wasn't really reading their API.
  • Exploring Core Async
  • I would really like to better understand Core Async with Clojure; specifically, I want to remove myself from callback hell to see if I can make my clojurescript backend for a new project a bit clearer.