• Re-writing Firn in rust (pt. 2)
  • Well, I did end up starting a re-write of firn. I'm having a pretty good time! I'd say I'm about 30-40% done and have probably spent about ... 35 hours on it? It seems like a lot for a project (and I suppose it is), but the learning curve for rust has been steep
  • Re-writing Firn in rust (pt. 1)
  • I'm thinking about re-writing Firn in rust. I'm not sure if I will do it, but I've been thinking about some of the more fundamental design decisions that I want to consider when building software. Firn is built in Clojure, with a touch of Rust for the org-mode parser, and then is all compiled down to a binary using GraalVM's native-image tool. It's working, so why re-write it?