[2022-07-21 Thu]Use MyModule.__info__(:functions) to see what functions are importered/used in a module.Elixir
[2022-07-20 Wed]About "string interning"Programming
[2022-07-19 Tue]Manually exclude files without using .gitignoreGit
[2022-07-18 Mon]Enum.into preserves key type (atom vs string) when merging maps.Elixir
[2022-07-13 Wed]A little bit about how indexing works on databasesDatabases
[2022-06-20 Mon]About defdelegate in elixirElixir
[2022-05-30 Mon]about citext or case insensitive text at the db level in postgresPostgres
[2022-05-16 Mon]About Ecto.Query.dynamicElixir
[2022-05-13 Fri]There is a Wine Fountain on the El CaminoTravel
[2022-05-10 Tue]Elixir comprehensions have generators and filtersElixir
[2022-05-04 Wed]Elixir doesn't have a boolean type - it's just the atoms :true and :falseElixir
[2022-05-03 Tue]storing an atom in a variable in elixir means you are storing a pointer to that atom in a tableElixir
[2022-05-02 Mon]creating a :text field happens at the db level, whereas ecto's schema refers to the type as :stringElixir
[2022-04-20 Wed]Elixir calls to Erlang libraries using atom syntax: ex: :code.priv_dir(:my_app)Elixir
[2022-04-17 Sun]About the painter Maud LewisArt
[2022-04-16 Sat]The jams of PhishMusic
[2022-04-15 Fri]The Elixir & capture operatorElixir
[2022-04-12 Tue]Elixir does not allow "access" to structs dynamically.Elixir
[2022-04-10 Sun]Re-acquainting with Elixir pattern matching.Elixir
[2022-04-08 Fri]Elixir/Ecto lets can "embed_many" into a supporting db, allowing sql tables to have arrays of maps of json.Elixir
[2022-04-06 Wed]What casein paint smells like.Art
[2022-04-07 Thu]Bonfire: A new fediverse-thingie appears! Written in elixir, could be a cool project to contribute to.Social
[2022-04-05 Tue]Prussian blue was the first modern synthetic pigment. (source)Art
[2022-04-03 Sun]Phoenix has a auth generator which actually injects code directly into your app (about 7 or 8 files).Elixir
[2022-04-02 Sat]C can get (and set) a terminal's attributes using a function called tcgetattr(). (source)C