Wet Dog was a game concept, initially prototyped for the Lisp Game Jam. It was built with the Tic 80.

Initial transcript of the recurring dream.

For a period of time, the recurring dreams always ended the same way: a dog sitting in the rain. I had to get there with my umbrella and keep it dry, even if just for a second. At the start of the dream I could sort of see in my mind where the dog was.

Every dream starts the same way: I'm in bed and I sit up and sense something changing. Sometimes a staircase appears in the middle of the bedroom floor going downstairs -- but I live in a bungalow, there is no downstairs. Sometimes it's a rope ladder, coming in the small, only window I have -- even if I make sure it is shut when I go to bed.

Either way, I must get up. I acknowledge I am still asleep because my body is still there, looking cozy and comfortable. Meanwhile, I'll be heading somewhere where it is raining. With the newly appeared exit comes a yellow umbrella, dry for now, leaning nearby against something, maybe hanging from a rope ladder or against the railing of a staircase.

I pick it up and go.